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Session Description:  HSA Participation Contribution

At first glance, HSA eligibility and contribution rules seem pretty straightforward – you must have a qualified High Deductible Health Plan to participate, and the amount you can contribute depends on whether you have single or family coverage. But it’s a little more complicated than that. There are all sorts of scenarios that confuse brokers and create questions among their clients. For instance:

  • There’s a new rule allowing parents to cover their adult children on their health plan. Can they use HSA money to pay for their child’s expenses? What if the child is not a tax dependent?
  • If an employee has single coverage beginning in February and adds her spouse to her plan in June, how much can she contribute for the year?
  • What’s a testing period? Can it be explained in a way that employees will understand?
  • If an employee is enrolled in Medicare but his wife is under 65 and covered on his group plan, how do the contributions work?
  • Can I roll money from my IRA into an HSA? What are the rules and consequences?
  • What about rolling money from and FSA or HRA to an HSA? Can I do that? Should I?
  • What are the rules regarding employer contributions to an HSA?
  • What if I make a mistake, like contributing too much or withdrawing money by accident – can that be fixed?

This course will address all these questions and many others. The purpose is to provide attendees with a  complete understanding of the rules and regulations relating to HSA participation and contribution. 

Speaker Bio:

Marco Roquemore, Regional Sales Director, Central Region HealthEquity

What led you to this career?

I first pursued a career in employee benefits after working in technology for a number of years. I was seeking an industry that had a more direct impact on my client’s organizations and their employee’s lives, in or outside of the office.

What motivates you?

My motivation comes from the impact my efforts can have on changing the face of healthcare in this country.

What are some of your unique attributes that set you apart from others?

I believe my sense of humor and my driven, analytical mindset.  Do you have any skills/talents most people don’t know about? I’m a fair to good marksman and write poetry. When I was younger, I received multiple awards for my writing.

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