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Speaker Bio:

Russ has spent nearly three decades optimizing the design and delivery of B2B software solutions in a variety of highly regulated industries. He’s tackled complex problems in both the public and private sectors including the utility industry, municipal and state governments, submarine maintenance for the U.S. Navy, and healthcare HR. It was this last, the healthcare HR space, where Russ discovered most compensation teams are in desperate need of new tools, better data, and innovative thinking. Thus his passion for compensation was born.

Session Description:

There is no doubt, the "Future of Work" is upon us and Rewards professionals must be ready to question the fundamentals of how we support changes around redesigned work, growing mobility and the assertiveness of well-informed employees and candidates. In this highly interactive session, we will share experiences from TD Williamson and Deloitte to discuss issues such as worker's preferences vs. market practices. By understanding the employee in and out of work, we can build a unique EVP. Critical to organizational performance, rewards not only play an important role in increasing employee satisfaction and return on investment, but also tend to be the largest expenses organizations face. To facilitate organizations’ rewards program design, Deloitte Consulting LLP proposed Rewards Optimization, a comprehensive approach enabling employers to identify the most effective total reward package that aligns to the needs, preferences, and priorities of their workforce. Our session at TTRC aims to provide an overview of Rewards Optimization, share related experiences from TD Williamson, and encourage the audience to reflect on how the approach can support their organization’s business model.

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