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Support Your Industry – Support the TX Total Rewards Conference

5 Apr 2019 2:01 PM | Deleted user

Companies are often looking to increase leads and develop a sales pipeline.  Smart companies realize one of the best ways to do this is through support of the industry.  There are three different ways your company support the Compensation Industry by supporting the TX Total Rewards Conference:

  1. Share Your Knowledge:  Many companies offer a sound understanding and background on a particular area.  Further they often have Industry Experts whom are employees.  Showcasing the knowledge share in a true educational format is beneficial, and when done right highlights the company’s attributes minus the salesmen atmosphere.  We are currently accepting applications for speaking opportunities. 
  2. Attend and Share:  Networking is key to any industry.  More, companies rely on networking for many different elements, one of which is sharing experiences.  Attending the TX Total Rewards Conference is a great way to network, and share your experiences with other attendees
  3. Be Passionate – Sponsor:  Sponsorship is more than just a table in a room.  It is about showcasing that your company is dedicated to the industry and those in the industry.  We greatly appreciate our current sponsors, PayScale, Deloitte, Lockton and WageWorks. 

Join us and support the industry and the professionals in the industry!

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